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Marietta, GA is known for excellent governance and quality of life. Residents enjoy a wide range of services, and are served by dedicated police and fire departments. The National Civic League named it one of the 10 best communities in the United States during the 2006 All-America City competition. It is one of only five Georgia cities to earn the prestigious title.

Located roughly 15 miles northwest of Atlanta, Marietta is the seat of Cobb County. Its natural beauty is unparalleled, nestling among the stunning foothills of Kennesaw Mountain and the icy waters of the Chattahoochee River.

The US Census Bureau estimates the 2017 population at 61,048 within city limits, while the number of residents within Metro Marietta is projected at around 300,000. It is the 13th largest city in Georgia.

Many of Marietta’s cultural and historical attractions appear in the National Register of Historic Places.


Marietta was recognized as a town in 1834, but a vibrant community was already in place 10 years earlier. James Anderson laid out the first plat for the city in 1833.

The city endured a series of raging fires in the 1850s, which destroyed parts of the city on three separate occasions. Thankfully, many of the city’s now historic structures survived.

The Civil War broke out in 1861 and in the summer of 1864, forces under William Tecumseh Sherman occupied and pillaged the town for five months. In November that same year, forces under Union General Hugh Kilpatrick set the fire to the town.

Recovery was slow after the war, but by 1870s, a new courthouse and jail had been built, and summer tourists began arriving. Schools were constructed, and an independent school system set up in 1892.

Modern highways were built between 1917 and 1921, while the construction of Interstate 75 boosted tourism and attracted outside investments in business and real estate.

Today, Marietta boasts of a wealth of cultural and historical attractions, many of which are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Marietta GA real estate and property types

The housing market consists primarily of single-family homes. Prevalent architectural styles include Contemporary, Traditional, Ranch, and Craftsman. Buyers can choose from a good mix of older homes and new construction Many of the older homes in the city were built in the 1970s and 80s.

Most of the properties sit on wooded lots, and have hardwood flooring, solid surface counters, and fireplaces.

Some of the most coveted properties in the city can be found along Chattahoochee Plantation.

Neighborhoods include:

  • Charlton Forge
  • Dunleith
  • East Park Community
  • Emerson Overlook
  • Frasier Park
  • Hamilton Grove
  • McLaren Gates
  • North Marietta Neighborhood
  • Queensborough Square
  • South Square
  • Vintage Court
  • Westside Subdivision
  • Woodmere

Most neighborhoods have an active homeowners association (HOA).

Marietta City Schools (MCS) serves over 8,900 students. Schools that fall under MCS include Marietta Middle School and Marietta High School.

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Living in Marietta

Marietta is home to five National Register Historic Districts:

  1. Atlanta-Frasier Street
  2. Church-Cherokee Street
  3. Northwest Marietta Street
  4. Washington Avenue
  5. Whitlock Avenue

Locally registered landmarks include:

  • Brumby Hall at 472 Powder Springs Street
  • Clarke Library at 156 Church Street
  • Marietta Waterworks at 426 Sessions Street
  • Smith-Manning House at 360 Manning Road

Other attractions include:

  • Marietta Square

    As the city’s most vibrant commercial area, Marietta Square is filled with shops and restaurants. Here’s a list of restaurants in the area.

  • Glover Park

    This 1.35-acre green space is the site of festivals and concerts throughout the year. Here you’ll find a sparkling fountain, children’s playground, and several benches.

  • Gone with the Wind Museum

    Located in Brumby Hall, the museum offers a glimpse of life in Georgia during the Civil War as experienced by fictional characters Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler.

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