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How to Decorate your Condo Well

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Condos can be challenging to decorate. First, you’re dealing with limited space. Second, you might also have to follow certain rules and regulations, depending on your condo’s HOA.

So, what to do? The following decorating tips will help you enjoy the optimum condo living experience. Let’s get started.

  1. Bring the outside in.

    Condos don’t usually have terraces and balconies. And if they do have this feature, these outdoor spaces are often small in size (unless you’re living in a luxury condo, of course.)

    Fortunately, this hurdle is not impossible to overcome. If you crave sunlight and greenery in your living space, you can easily bring Mother Nature inside the condo by decorating with small house plants. Go for the ones that are low-maintenance but still inject that lively bright green to your home.

    Here are 25 indoor plants that will certainly liven up your condo.

  2. Study the floor plan.

    Before you purchase furniture and arrange them based on your preference, check out your condo’s floor plan. This will help you buy the right kind of items, plan the layout accordingly, and even maximize every bit of space you have.

    Studying the floor plan is even more important if you’re buying a unit from a condo that’s currently under construction. The overall layout of the condo greatly affects your living experience, so choose one that works well to your advantage if you can.

  3. Go for dark furniture.

    One secret to making spaces seem bigger is to invest in key dark furniture. When placed in small areas, the dark color makes it look like they’ve receded in size, effectively helping make the room seem larger than it actually is.

    You don’t have to get all of your furniture in dark tones. Concentrate on key items such as your sofa, dining table, your bed, and your work station. Add texture by going for wooden pieces instead of furniture painted in dark colors. Accentuate with complementary colors as you wish.

  4. Invest in built-in storage.

    While you’re studying the floor plan and buying a condo according to the layout, take note if ample storage is offered. If this isn’t the case, you can remedy this by having the floor plan modified to feature this condo essential.

    Buying separate furniture intended for storage takes up a lot of space, so go for the built-in option. You can have this installed in different areas of the condo, such as the living room and even your kitchen. And when you have the right kind of storage, you’ll be able to keep items not currently used out of sight and organized.

  5. Dark drapes and light walls = the perfect combination.

    Add warmth and depth to your condo by painting the walls a soft tone and then complimenting it with dark drapes. The latter also lends some elegance to any space, and best of all, you can use it to block out the sunlight when you’re catching up on sleep.

    Meanwhile, the light walls will help bounce off the light streaming from your windows (or emitted from your lamps), keeping your home well-lit.

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