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The Peachtrees of Atlanta

Atlanta Georgia Night Skyline Inside Peach Vector Illustration

There are many ways to describe Atlanta, but one word that’s particularly apt is “plenty” — plenty of good jobs, sunny days, green spaces, and great neighborhoods. In this city, one good thing definitely calls for another.

Perhaps that’s why “The A” has a peculiar but charming quirk: a plethora of streets that have “Peachtree” in their names. There are over 70 of them in the city, with each having its own unique feature to set it apart.

How exactly did this come about?

A peach by any other name

Oftentimes, place names are descriptive of what’s around the area: Riverdale, Black Mountain, and so forth.

But we’ll let you in on a little secret: Atlanta isn’t exactly teeming with peach trees. In fact, “Peachtree” streets outnumber actual peach trees here by some margin.

There are many theories about how Atlanta became the land of Peachtrees. History tells us that the local Creek tribe lived in a major village called Standing Peachtree. This is probably the most direct origin for the “Peachtree” street names.

However, pine trees were also common in the area and they were sometimes called pitch trees. Some speculate that “pitch” eventually morphed into “peach.”

Bet you didn’t know

No one knows for sure how “Peachtree” became so ubiquitous in Atlanta, but what we do know is that these streets have quite an interesting history:

  • Gone with the Wind wasn’t just set in Atlanta, it was actually written by Margaret Mitchell in a boarding house on Peachtree Street. Its iconic film adaptation eventually debuts at Loew’s Grand Theatre on that same street.
  • While Coca-Cola traces its roots to the city of Columbus, Georgia, its first non-alcoholic version was actually invented in Peachtree Street. Unsurprisingly, the very first bottle of Coke was sold at Jacobs Pharmacy on Peachtree at Five Points.

Pick a Peach(tree)

Not sure which Peachtree street to explore first? Here are some great starting points:

Peachtree Street – The granddaddy of them all, this street passes through Atlanta’s financial and cultural centers. It starts at the Five Points business district, winds its way through retail centers like Phipps Plaza and Lennox Square, then passes through Woodruff Arts Center and the High Museum of Art.

Peachtree Battle Avenue – With gorgeous historic Buckhead mansions lining its streets, Peachtree Battle Avenue is quite the picturesque destination. It was also the site of the Battle of Peachtree Creek during the Civil War.

Peachtree Circle – Located between Peachtree Street and Piedmont Park, Peachtree Circle is within walking distance of the Museum of Design, the High Museum of Art, and Woodruff Arts Center.

Peachtree Center Avenue – This area is the brainchild of famed Atlanta architect John Portman. Located downtown, it is a mini-city of office towers, hotels, restaurants, hotels, and shops.

There’s plenty to discover in Atlanta’s many Peachtree streets. Whether it’s dining, shopping, or historic buildings you’re after, these lovely avenues have you covered.

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