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At the SET Real Estate Group, we embody excellence in the real estate market. We work hard to cultivate lasting and meaningful relationships with all of our clients, and in doing so have formed a large network throughout Atlanta. Achieving extraordinary results for our clients is at the forefront of our agenda and our attention to detail helps us create the best-individualized approach for your property. We are passionate about our work and all things real estate. We want to make your buying and or selling experience a seamless and enjoyable one, just as it should be. Our unparalleled client service always makes us available to you and ready to address any concerns you have. With profound expertise in the market, a clear track record of success, and an apparent eagerness for results, the SET Real Estate Group is one of the finest choices in Atlanta.



Useful Money-Saving Tips for Real Estate Buyers, Sellers, and Agents By AgentImage • 17 Jun 19

Whether you are a real estate buyer or a seller, you’ll need to consider down payment, home repairs, staging costs, inspection fees, and other expenses involved in a real estate transaction. It’s important, therefore, to know effective ways to save money. Buyers: Get multiple loan quotes Since interest rates vary from one lender to the...

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Atlanta, GA Homestead Exemption Guide By AgentImage • 07 Jun 19

Atlanta’s diverse range of industries and vigorous real estate market make it one of the strongest economies in the US. In addition to its alluring local economy, Atlanta also offers homestead exemptions on its already modest property taxes. What is a homestead exemption? A homestead exemption is a legal provision that allows home owners to...

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Movie buff alert: Know all about Atlanta movie tours By AgentImage • 27 May 19

Movie buffs and TV binge watchers have probably noticed the “Made in Georgia” tag in some of their favorite films and shows. The state has been named the “Hollywood of the South,” thanks to a number productions shooting in the area. Atlanta Movie Tours was created because of the many small and big screen hits...

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