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Liven up your condo with these smart interior design ideas

Living room

Condos are popping up everywhere, especially in the most in-demand communities. Metro Atlanta is one such locale, so there’s little surprise that the region’s condo market is thriving.

If you’re eyeing a condo for your next home, use these five interior design tips to spruce up any urban living space:

  • Bring in some plants

    Buy potted plants to liven up your living spaces and your patio. More than just decorative additions, plants bring a welcome natural feel into your condo, especially if you’re living in the heart of a city. They also present many benefits for your health and well-being.

    Succulents are low-maintenance house plants that even the most inexperienced owners can opt to buy. But if you’re really not a green thumb, fresh flowers should do the trick.

  • Get smart when it comes to furniture shopping

    Put much thought into the furniture you buy for your condo. Steer clear of impractical, purely decorative pieces.

    When you are working with limited space, make sure that function blends well with form. For example, a sofa with storage compartments under the seats will provide comfort and extra spaces for keeping random things.

  • Use mirrors to make your living spaces feel larger

    Want your condo to seem bigger than it really is? Install large mirrors on walls or cabinet doors and let the optical illusion work its magic. This trick works well with well-lit spaces, so make sure to let plenty of natural light in through your windows during daytime.

  • Make good use of your vertical space

    Hanging bookshelves are both sensible and aesthetically pleasing design choices. This way, you can clear much-needed floor space while having ample display spaces for books, trinkets, and other personal accessories.

    The same principle works with wall-mounted TVs and speaker systems. Entertainment devices are bulky, so getting these out of the way leaves you with more elbow room.

  • Choose the right colors for the right effect

    Smart color schemes and paint tricks can work magic in your living spaces.

    Want a warm and cozy home? Paint your condo walls in a soft, vibrant hue like cream or yellow with green undertones. Light shades of blue are relaxing and also help make spaces feel roomier. Emphasize the finer details of small rooms with a dark paint scheme that creates a rich, luxurious feel.

    If you want to “add” height to your condo, use a dark shade on your ceiling. Adding subtle vertical stripes on your walls or using drapes or curtains with a similar design can also do the trick.

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