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These Home Renovation Projects Don’t Always Work

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Home improvement projects can help you increase your property’s overall value. However, not all of them always have the intended result. If you’re planning on renovating your home to boost its market value, here are some of the projects you should re-consider.

  1. Extensive landscaping

    Curb appeal is important, which is why many homeowners choose to improve their property’s landscaping before selling. While this project can definitely help, take care not to overdo it.

    Extensive changes like water features, pergolas, trellises, and bridges can deter prospective home buyers from looking into your home. It’s because landscaping choices are still based on personal preferences.

    Instead of going all out, clean up the yard. Here are a couple of ways you can spruce up the landscaping.

  2. Utility upgrades

    Making sure your home’s utilities are up to today’s standards is more of a “maintenance” issue than renovation, especially if your home is older than the rest of the properties in the neighborhood.

    That said, don’t avoid utility upgrades. While it won’t reflect an increase in your home’s market value, it won’t drag down your property’s price tag. And besides, home buyers like move-in ready homes with utilities in proper working order. Just don’t expect such projects to make a significant return on your investment.

  3. Swimming pool

    When you live in Atlanta, having a swimming pool in your background seems like a must. But did you know that home buyers generally avoid homes with this feature? There are a couple of reasons why, but the most common is that these people don’t want to deal with the costs of maintaining a pool.

    Don’t let this stop you from installing a swimming pool for your personal enjoyment. If you don’t want to spend too much on this home feature, consider buying a do-it-yourself above-ground pool instead. It’s inexpensive and you can dismantle it when it’s no longer being used.

  4. Green features

    Rainwater collecting systems and solar panels are great for the environment. They help you save up on energy costs and lessen your carbon footprint. There is also a growing number of home buyers interested in such features.

    Installing green features can be expensive, however. More importantly, they don’t really do anything for your home’s value. And in the case of solar panels, you can’t sell the home without settling the balance.

  5. New paint

    A fresh coat of paint does wonders for both the interior and exterior of your home. It breathes new life to spaces and makes your property look almost brand new. But while a paint job does all of those things, it hardly changes your home’s value.

    You can get a return on your investment, however, if you paint the home yourself. Hiring outside help only leads you to shell out money you won’t get back once you sell the home.

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