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Top 5 signs you’ve found the right real estate agent for you

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When it comes to buying or selling a home, it’s best to have someone guiding you through the complicated process. The real estate agent you choose can either make the best deal or break it, whether you’re buying or selling a house. That’s why it’s important for you to find one who’s right for the job.

Here are the top 5 signs you’ve found the one that’s up to task:

  1. They work full-time

    A full-time real estate agent works toward getting their clients the best opportunities possible. You won’t have to worry about missing out on great deals because your agent isn’t available half of the day.

    Full-time agents also have up-to-date knowledge on market trends, making them better equipped at advising you on your next move.

  2. They understand the local market

    The ideal real estate agent is someone who knows a lot about the market you’re planning on buying or selling in. They can tell you about home market values and future community developments that could affect the value of potential properties. Take a look at their most recent transactions to see if they have first-hand experience in your target communities.

    Choose an agent who grew up or has lived in the area long enough. That way, they’ll have more than enough insights into the neighborhoods, schools, jobs, traffic, and other important details about your chosen area. They may also know about any potential red flags that even some non-locals aren’t aware of.

  3. They have a marketing plan or strategy to suit your needs

    A good agent realizes how every real estate transaction and client is different. For these specific requirements and demands, they should know how to adapt their services.

    When selling a home, look for an agent who knows how to utilize the latest technologies. Their marketing strategy for your home should be tailored to the type of property you’re selling. Ask for some web listing examples and details on their digital marketing plan.

    A great agent for buyers will be with them from the home viewing all the way to the negotiating table. They will help you scour through various listings so you can find a home that’s within your budget and fits your lifestyle perfectly.

  4. They are well-connected

    The best agents have a network of professionals from real estate-related industries at their disposal. This includes lenders, contractors, title companies, lawyers, stagers, and more. Having a well-connected agent makes the whole buying and selling process easier and smoother.

    This factor is especially relevant for those buying or selling in luxury real estate. High-end markets are usually run via word of mouth and an agent who has connections with colleagues in the industry is a big advantage.

  5. They have great references

    Find out if the agent is right for you by asking for their references. Go online or to their website to read client reviews and testimonials. Learning about experiences of past clients can help you figure out the agent’s personality and work ethic.

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